Bee Candy / Fondant Recipe

    Emergency Feeding (late winter or early spring)


    10 lb sugar                                           Caution:

    5 cups water                                 Hot Syrup, Handle

    1 teaspoon ProHealth or HBH           With Care!

    1 teaspoon Vinegar                     (Do Not Let Over Boil!)


    Bring Water to boil on medium high heat

    Add ˝ sugar & stir, add rest sugar & stir (don't cover)

    Continue stirring, and bring to soft ball stage 242 degrees

    (Do Not Leave Pot Unattended!)


    Remove from heat, let cool to about 220 degrees

    Add ProHealth & Vinegar…

    Stir vigorously and quickly pour into paper plate molds

    It hardens very quickly!

    Should be fudge hard at room temperature when cooled

    Place on top bars, add empty honey super if required?


     Brad Raspet - 360-708-9424