Our SVBA Beekeeping Mentorship Program
The SVBA Mentorship Program is designed to match beginning beekeepers with our more seasoned beekeepers. Beekeeping offers all of us (new and experienced beekeepers) a variety of challenges. If you are just starting out in the art of beekeeping, having a mentor to call upon from time to time may be all that is needed to build your confidence and expertise. You may contact the SVBA Volunteer Mentors on this list to ask for their assistance. You must be a SVBA member and understand that our mentors will try and determine your experience, your needs and to what capacity they may be able to help you. You are reminded that our mentors are volunteering their time to assist you, and each mentor may have variety of skills and beekeeping experience. You are also encouraged to research the questions that you may have before contacting your volunteer mentor.
Volunteer Mentor
Mentorship Area Send Email Call/Text Phone
Bill Markus Burlington/Sedro-Woolley billmarkus52@gmail.com 360-661-0452
Brad Raspet Mount Vernon (15 Mile Radius) brad.raspet@gmail.com 360-708-9424
 Rob Johnson Anacortes-Fidalgo Island, Burlington  rsjohnson2u@yahoo.com  360-770-6170
   Jen Milton   Sedro-Woolley & Mount Vernon jenmilton76@gmail.com