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Beekeeping photos submitted by our club members...
(Members, please - submit your beekeeping photos!)
Taranov Swarm Procedure-Controlled Swarming. All bees from the would-be swarm shaken onto a sheet in front of the hive.
(A. Forar)
The sheet is spread over a propped up board with the high end 100mm
from the hive entrance.
(A. Forar)
The swarming bees crawl under the board and form a cluster while the
non-swarming  bees fly back into the hive.
Later in the day, the swarming bees had separated from the parent colony
and were successfully rehived.
Seth's queen rearing class
(R. Niles)
Making a queen rearing starter
(R. Niles)
Capped queen cells
(R. Niles)
June 2015, a beautiful queen...
(D. Coates)
Spring 2015
(J. Milton)
May 2014 Field Day @ Pulver Road
(M. Youngquist)
Joe assessing hives
(R. Niles)
Marco and Seth eating an
energy snack  (R. Niles)

Marco marking hives w/ Sue
Cobey's queens (R. Niles)
Loading the trailer
(R. Niles)
Seth with a forklift carrying
hives (R. Niles)
Joe guiding Seth loading
the trailer (R. Niles)

Joe on the trailer
(R. Niles)
Seth loading the trailer
with forklift (R. Niles)
Pat Ray smoking hives to
keep them inside (R. Niles)
Seth, Pat and Marco smoking, cleaning
and loading hives (R. Niles)

Seth and Bruce working on a
forklift (R. Niles)
Some worker bees for our
apprentice class (B. Raspet)
Sue Cobey teaches during
 SVBA Field Day @ WSU-RC
Big Spring Swarm near
Catholic Church Mt. Vernon

Out on the Samish Flats, 
winter inspections (B. Raspet)
Added some frames of honey to
those low (B. Raspet)
Queen rearing class, June 2012
 (D. Veith)
The Pollen is coming in...
(D. Veith)

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