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Honey Bee Swarm* Capture / Pollination Contact List
Phone Email Swarm Retrieval Area
 Gary Ehrenfeld  360-632-5838  gary@ehrenfelds.net Oak Harbor (20 miles radius)
 Bill Markus  360-661-0452  billm@skagitfarmers.com Skagit County
 Lisa Phillips  360-632-1979  lisa@roundtuitfarms.com Whidbey Island / Anacortes
 Alerd Johnson  360-293-7953  alerdjohnson@hotmail.com Anacortes / Skagit County
 Brad Raspet  360-708-9424  brad.raspet@gmail.com Mount Vernon (20 Mile Radius)
Ed Markus 360-421-4296 ejmarkus@fidalgo.net Concrete and East along Hwy 20
Diederik Bron 360-840-8834 diederikbron@gmail.com Sedro-Woolley, Burlington, Mt. Vernon
Anita Anderson-Johnson 360-679-1591 anita@islandbrokersrealty.com North Whidbey Island
Mike Baldauf  360-675-3432 lafootmike@netscape.net Oak Harbor & Anacortes area
Sarah Wagstaff 435-760-4843 sarah.beannie@gmail.com Burlington, Sedro, MV & Bow

* Swarm behavior is a natural means of reproduction for honey bees - a swarm of honey bees looking for a new home are usually fairly gentle since they have no hive (brood & honey) to protect. Swarms occur most often in the spring and early summer. Prior to swarming, the bees will gorge on honey to fuel their flight; then the queen and half the bees in the hive will take off in search of a new home. They may take up temporary residence on something nearby - a bush, a tree branch, a fence, etc. The swarm will stay put for a few hours up to a few days while scout bees search for a new home. Swarms on their own may find it difficult to find a new home, but Skagit Valley Beekeepers are more than happy to capture honey bee swarms and provide new homes for them.